On & On

I'm counting my steps to let the crowd carry me along the mirrors,
and my reflection does not bother me at all.
and I can see the glow of magic lanterns if i wonder
if the picture on the left reminds me of the water-falls

i'm measuring the speed of girls that walk the opposite direction,
but they move way too fast as i reckon
the efforts that can bring you to that type of horrors
and then what makes you halcyon & on & on.

and i continue walking till i hear the sound of thunder
it comes from tv screens, but i'm already gone
i take some turns, but still have no no idea who is giving.
i would not listen to my walkman all alone.

i seem to see some silhouette, but i'm mistaken altogether.
i have not felt so stupid since the day that i was born.
i pass the coffee shop, but nether do i feel important.
i catch up with someone who use your smell and then i finally think of you.

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