Reality check

I've seen your files
I've seen your CV
And if it matters
I've seen your ID

I know all numbers
In the logs of your calls
I've seen your pictures
Does it matter at all?

I'v seen on video
How you cross the street
I've seen all records
Does it matter a bit?

I've seen so much
The detals galore
I know your number
Would you answer my call?

I would invite you
To reality check
It sounds stupid
But I do not see what's left

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I'm not that fond of waiting
Seconds, minutes, hours
But every time I see you
I loose my superpowers
Take my IQ score and
Divide it by whatever
I'm not that fond of waiting
It should be now or never
But I'm kind of scared
Of hours and days of waiting
Where are my superpowers
This wait is neverending
I could see it coming
But I've lost my courage
Every time I see you
I don't have any knovledge
Of how to treat this evening
How to make it better
How I tell my story
How I write this letter
How to finalyse it
How to cross that border
I don't want to loose it
But I'm so out of order
Far from where I know it
From my city limits
I'm just kind of scared
Hope you can forgive me
I could fill them pages
White them endless chapters
Just every time I see you
I loose my superpowers

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On & On

I'm counting my steps to let the crowd carry me along the mirrors,
and my reflection does not bother me at all.
and I can see the glow of magic lanterns if i wonder
if the picture on the left reminds me of the water-falls

i'm measuring the speed of girls that walk the opposite direction,
but they move way too fast as i reckon
the efforts that can bring you to that type of horrors
and then what makes you halcyon & on & on.

and i continue walking till i hear the sound of thunder
it comes from tv screens, but i'm already gone
i take some turns, but still have no no idea who is giving.
i would not listen to my walkman all alone.

i seem to see some silhouette, but i'm mistaken altogether.
i have not felt so stupid since the day that i was born.
i pass the coffee shop, but nether do i feel important.
i catch up with someone who use your smell and then i finally think of you.

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Without Thinking

every page of every story
turning back hopes to control me
plays it's role without thinking
plays majestic olive chords.

grave as green when second's turning,
stunned to death to metronome me.
watch my dance without thinking,
water is drained, I hear no words.

uniformed, official duty
trying hard to overcute me,
takes my time without thinking.
jigsaw puzzles tear apart.

record stores and basement ceilings,
it takes zillions to believe me.
candles burn without thinking,
watching sparkles makes me sad.

morning comes when you unlabel,
I am late again: please blame me.
when we talk without thinking,
sun is yellower than grass.

girlish stains that come so creamy
when I talk my way to free me.
prearrange without thinking,
I'll recite the void lines.

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we went to do sightseeing,
с тобою, с нами, с ними.
i never was so bored,
нас было только трое.
i never was so scared,
за лесом скрылся берег.
we were getting higher,
а волны затихали.
the sun was setting slowly,
я думала про волны.
you took your chance to know me,
твой друг стоял на стрёме.

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Bit Mountain. English Version

The colour of the city
Is brighter than the void
And far from being pretty
I’m trying to avoid
The means of entertainment
The ways of getting bigger
To cancel every payment
I’m checking every figure
You have to figure out
And I control your movements
From dancefloor to chill out
I do remember nothing
I understand your feelings
I feel it when you’e coming
No use of getting near me
Cos I behold the colours

And I don’t want no contacts
No ways to be contacted
Just let me stay in darkness
You can go on without me

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